Digital Pathology - Whole Slide Scanning

Hamamatsu Nanozoomer

Hamamatsu Nanozoomer

  • Cost: £25 per hour

  • Location: ECRC Level 1 - Pathology labs

  • Magnification: x10, x20 and x40

  • Channels: Colourimetric (H and E, DAB etc) and Fluoresnence Dapi, FITC, TxRed

  • Slide loader can hold up to 320 slides.

  • Images can be viewed offline using NDP viewer, download here.

  • The Nanozoomer is the XR model, data are captured using NDP scan v 3.1.

  • Manual and SOP for nanozoomer here

  • Analysis - QuPath Youtube channel for how to videos here

For more information about training please contact Helen Caldwell. If Helen is away please contact igmm-imagainghelpdesk at

The Nanozoomer is booked through PPMS. For those new to the PPMS system, please read our user manual which explains how to register and make bookings.