Digital Pathology - Whole Slide Scanning

Hamamatsu Nanozoomer

Hamamatsu Nanozoomer

The Hamamatsu Nanozoomer is used for digital slide scanning. It is equipped with a x10, x20 and x40 objective. It can image slides stained with colourimetric dyes such as Haemotoxylin, Eosin, DAB and Nissl.

It also has a fluorescence mode and can image Blue (DAPI, Hoechst), Green (AlexaFluor488, FITC, Cy2) and Red (Cy3, Texas Red, AlexaFluor568). The system has a slide loader which can hold up to 320 slides. Images can be viewed offline using NDP viewer.

The Nanozoomer is the XR model, data are captured using NDP scan v 3.1. The system is located in the CRUK Edinburgh Centre Pathology & Phenomics Lab, lab S1.07. Training is required before use.

For more information about training please contact Helen Caldwell.

The Nanozoomer is booked through PPMS. For those new to the PPMS system, please read our user manual which explains how to register and make bookings.