Slidescanning - Nanozoomer

The Nanozoomer is used for digital slide scanning. It is equipped with a x10, x20 and x40 objective. It can image slides stained with colourimetric dyes such as H and E, DAB, Nissl, Cresyl Violet and others.

It also has a fluorescence mode and can image Blue (DAPI, Hoechst), Green (AlexaFluor488, FITC, Cy2) and Red (Cy3, Texas Red, AlexaFluor568). The system has a slide loader which can hold up to 320 slides. Images can be viewed offline using NDP viewer.

The Nanozoomer is the XR model, data are captured using NDP scan v 3.1. The system is located in room 3 within the Pathology labs. Training is required before use.

For more information about training please contact Helen Caldwell.

email: h.caldwell at

To book the slide scanner please see here