NIS Elements is the proprietory software from Nikon Instruments for Image documentation, presentation, processing and analysis

Two of our confocal systems, our Super-resolution and Deconvolution system run NIS elements

If you have used NIS for image acquisition it has some useful features for processing and display. You don’t need to learn a new software for these. The software is proprietory and only available in the imaging facility.

  • Add Scale bars to images

  • Create 3D and Orthognal plane view

  • Deconvolution

  • Contrast stretching, counting, measuring, plot profiles

  • Process and analyse super-resolution images

  • User friendly look and feel, almost no command line processing

There are disadvantages for this software: It isn’t always apparent what is happening to the image, the help rarely gives mathematical formulae. The processing can’t be distributed as the software is closed source. Limited options to code for specific application.