Super-resolution resources

The best place to go for super-resolution resources is the ESRIC website.

However we have links here to:

Specification of the N-SIM and N-STORM systems

Technical notes for N-SIM and N-STORM

Sample prep protocols for N-SIM and N-STORM (Nikon procedure) + Alternative Easy Buffer Protocol

Link to ThunderSTORM and manual for it use in analysis of Single Molecule Localisation Microscopy data

Links to:

Nature super-resolution research highlights page with useful papers

SIM-Tool box and Thunderstorm my current favorite open source software for SIM and STORM (NB this may change since the field moves quickly) and the 2017 SIM Nature Protocols paper

A list of very useful original papers which are helpful to read before starting out hosted on Nikon MicroscopyU.

More information about standard reagents for super-resolution microscopy