Training Requests

The AIR like all other IGMM services works core hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Out of hours assistance is available upon request in advance

Facility users need to be trained on each new modality they use. Please see here for this. Each webpage represents a modality, so if you already are already trained to use an upright microscope (e.g. Britemac) you don't need training to use another one (e.g. Macred) but you would need training to use a confocal. Please request training via the training request form below. The AIR staff are employed to support AIR equipment. We can, at our discretion advise about non AIR equipment but are not obliged to provide support. The workshop are able to provide support for equipment repairs and can be contacted here.

All training requests are now managed by PPMS.  If you are an existing user of the AIR facility or you are new to AIR but already using other IGMM facilities (Mass Spec or FACS) please click here to be forwarded to the AIR Training Request pages of PPMS where you can fill in the relevant training form.  Otherwise please submit a PPMS Account Creation Request to be added to the PPMS database. Once processed you will be able to request training via the link above or from the Home page. 

For those new to the PPMS system, please read our user manual which explains how to register and make bookings

For any queries regarding the above please email: